This update addresses the issues that were discovered during the internal testing and / or reported by the community. Key mapping functionality has been added to the in game main menu options, under input tab.


Because the key mapper has been added and players can now configure keys from the in game main menu options, the keys have been reverted to defaults! This is due to the backend functionality of the input being processed by the game engine, and once the keys are reconfigured from the new mapper interface, they will be saved.

Patch Notes:


Fixed: Focusing would not work sometimes after options screen in real time
Fixed: Pistol hip fire animations would not play at proper speeds
Fixed: Crude Spyglass would not produce
Fixed: Equipment kits would not produce


Added: Key mapping option is now available in main menu options
Adjusted: Morning length is increased during the real time action gameplay
Added: System messages for items pickups and drops

Please let us know if you are experiencing any of the mentioned issues after this update.

Thank you!

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