This update addresses all of the issues that were reported by player to date, that we were able to verify and reproduce. As well as adding some new functionality and modifying the gameplay. The detailed information on the update is in the patch notes.

Patch Notes:


Fixed: Population would not resolve properly after scavenging mission
Fixed: Diplomacy missions would not resolve properly
Fixed: Diplomacy interface would not reflect some of the information
Fixed: Global Scan mission would not resolve properly
Fixed: Camp building bonuses would not load properly
Fixed: “Esc” key with inventory window open would cause multiple issues
Fixed: Item durability would not apply properly on dropped items


Added: 10 second delay for returning from the real time action gameplay
Added: Inventory – Weapons now show current / max ammo in details
Added: Inventory – Weapons now show current / max ammo in inventory
Added: Safe delay has been added for the Zombie Raid event
Added: Zombie Raid event difficulty has been lowered
Added: Experience bar representation on the HUD
Added: System messages representation on the HUD

Please let us know if you are experiencing any of the mentioned issues after this update.

Thank you!

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