In this update we introduce new “The Den” mission accessible from Woodsfield Upper St.Claire Site. In addition new visual effects have been added to enhance the combat experience. Bandit AI cover based behavior has been adjusted for better performance, along with other performance optimizations.

Under Fire

New stunning visual effects have been added to enhance the look and feel of the fire fight combat when engaging bandits. New realistic muzzle flash effects with gun barrels spitting out flames, smoke and heat blurring.

New bullet trace and bullet impact effects truly take the overall combat experience to a new level. Each engagement becomes an adrenaline pumping thrill as players dodge to cover with bullets whizzing all around.

Bullet impacts sending pieces of concrete, brick, wood chips and dust flying through the air.

Ripping covers in bursting dust explosions with our new precise bullet impact detection system, makes each effect align with the direction of the surface it hits making the effects look even more realistic.

Material based bullet decals system with material surface based detection.

The Den

Introducing the new mission accessible from Woodsfield Upper St.Claire. Players will be able to take on an abandoned military outpost along a highway that has fallen under bandit control. Also introducing a beta weather effect system that is currently implemented on new mission.

The new mission will have brand new weapon rewards and random weapon modifications.

New Toys

New weapons are joining the arsenal:

PDW Small Machine Gun

Vector K10 Small Machine Gun

Mac 11 High velocity machine pistol

Patch Notes:

Fixed: Bandits sometimes getting stuck in cover
Adjusted: Bandit cover mode behavior
Added: New muzzle flash effects
Added: New bullet trace effects
Added: New bullet decal system
Added: New Bullet impact effects
Added: Bullet impact surface alignment system
Added: The Den mission
Added: Beta weather effects system

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