In this patch the video settings for the ultra quality have been revised. If you are experiencing performance issues while playing on Ultra settings, set the video quality to Best. It will revert the changes to the previous quality settings.

The new Ultra settings quality has additional shadow details and other video quality improvements.

Patch Notes:

Performance adjustments

Adjustment: Ultra settings have been revised for better quality.

Gameplay fixes

Fixed: Available Survivors in the camp do not load properly
Fixed: Windows in the camp are not scaled properly on different resolution
Fixed: Inventory was not scaling properly on lower resolutions
Fixed: Items pickup is not processed properly after changing and outfit
Fixed: Rubble location is too bright
Adjusted: Chance of finding survivors in Woodsfield Site

New features:

Added: “Esc” key now closes all open windows in the camp

We would appreciate to hear back from you regarding the new quality settings reconfiguration.

Thank you!

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