In this update we bring you the much awaited new gameplay elements that you have been asking for! The new South St.Claire region of the City of Woodsfield has been extended with new sections and new enemies are now roaming the streets!


Players will encounter a new threat! Bandits and looters are now roaming the streets of South St Claire, making scavenging more challenging for the players. Armed with different weapons, these guys will shoot to kill.

Grab your best weapon, stack up on ammo and make sure to have extra medicine in your backpacks. You will be facing several enemies at a time, so using cover is critical for survival. Don’t be a hero! Confronting bandits in open combat will most likely result in your demise. Use the environment to your advantage, and gain an upper hand.

Bandits will drop loot on death that has an increased chance of item rarity and yield higher experience than infected.

South St Claire

The region have been expanded with new sections and bandit spawn points have been place throughout the site. This site will be expanded in every update and players should expect to see new environments.

What to expect next

New bandit models and enemy levels such as regular, elite and boss enemies with increased rewards. New environments will become available for players to explore, like subways and sewers, that will hold new infected enemy types. Reputation mechanism, that will allow players to gain reputation with one of the factions and spend it on unique faction rewards. Female player characters will become available soon.

Patch Notes:

Fixes: Binoculars descripting in production menu
Fixed: Delay after reloading
Fixed: Rendering performance issues
Fixed: Adjusted handgun animations
Fixed: Vsync would not trigger properly sometimes


The new enemy AI is still in development, there are a few issues that we are aware of and are working on fixing them. Players might experience several camera positioning issues during crouch state, we are going to address this issue in our next update.

Stay tuned for more information on the upcoming features. Players are encouraged to report any issues they encounter on the new site as well as overall performance.

Thank you!

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