This update addresses the issues that were discovered during the internal testing and / or reported by the community. New features are being included with this update, please see the detailed description below.

The New Features

In this update we are introducing new visuals into the game. The new effects are designed to enhance the overall quality on Ultra settings and add new post effect settings to the video options menu, these effects are optional and can be turned on and off independently on any quality setting. In the following screenshot you can see the new features in effect in combination with Ultra settings.

The screenshots were taken from the new site that is in development, and will be featured in one of our upcoming updates with our new enemies and multiplayer content. The depth of field effect adds a feeling of depth to the objects in the background and a smoothing fog in the distance adds to the overall environment effect.

A lot of work was done on optimization side of both, the new site and general performance. Our internal tests show an increase on both high end and low end machines. We will be adding the new site in a beta state with our upcoming update, where players are strongly encouraged to report the performance on their side.

We are also adding more features on the gameplay side, such as dynamic crosshairs, areas monitor and additional on screen GUI information that will help players keep better track of their progress.

Players can expect to visit new places on the new upcoming site. Abandoned diners, ruins, slums and underground subway stations are just a few of those.

The streets are filled with remains of the struggle against the infection during the initial outbreak and players will be engaged in a brand new gameplay elements, interact with the environment and gain special reputation bonuses with the controlling faction in the region.

Multiplayer Gamemode – Closed Beta

We will be announcing a Closed Beta date for the multiplayer game mode soon! If you already own The Withering, you will have a chance to register for the closed beta and work close together with the development team on improving the experience.

Patch Notes:

Build# 997557


Fixed: Key binding not working properly while in camp
Fixed: Action buttons on the right panel interface in camp being pushed off screen in some cases
Fixed: Dropping an equiped item results in abnormal character behavior sometimes
Fixed: Aborting a mission with equipment assigned does not return the equipment properly
Fixed: Woodsfield Center site minor optimizations
Fixed: Flickering shadows on distant objects


Added: Depth of Field effect
Added: Crease Shading effect
Added: Vignette effect
Added: Fog
Added: Anisotropic texture option


The new visual effects are disabled by default and have to be enabled from the Video Options. Some of these effects can be heavier on the performance.


Added: Dynamic crosshairs
Added: Player location tracking mechanism (will become available with a new site)
Added: Experience gains from kills are now visible on target

Stay tuned for more information on the upcoming features and please let us know if you are experiencing any issues mentioned above.

Thank you!

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