This update addresses the issues that were discovered during the internal testing and / or reported by the community. Game options screen has been made available from any point in game.

Additional Information

As we are getting closer to the major update that will include new human enemy types, a new Site is being developed to support the new features. This new site will become available to public in beta with our next update. Players are strongly encouraged to report any issues that they encounter on a new site. The site is also being developed with preparation for our multiplayer features.

Patch Notes:


Fixed: Environment manager has been optimized for performance


Adjusted: Morning time has been extended
Adjusted: Ammo carrying capacity has been increased
Added: Options are now available anywhere in game
Added: Fast Travel button has been added to camp interface

Ammo Capacity

Ammo carrying capacity has been increased, the new ammo stacks are as follows:

9mm / 45cal = 200
5.56 / 7.62 = 300
Buchshot = 120
357m = 90
Simple ammo = 150

The new maximum stack capacity will be valid until a new inventory and camp storage systems have been fully developed and implemented.

Fast Travel

A fast travel button added to the bottom left interface will allow players to quickly jump into location / site selection for traveling in real time action gameplay mode.

Please let us know if you are experiencing any issues with the mentioned above features.

Thank you!

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