This update addresses the issues that were discovered during the internal testing and / or reported by the community. The new SkyWay site is a part of this update. Several gameplay features and elements have been revised. Please see the patch notes below for additional details.

The new Site is here!

The new SkyWay site is now available for players to explore. This site is focused more on action gameplay style, and more gear is available to loot. Players will also have a chance of finding materials, resources and survivors while exploring.

Patch Notes:


Fixed: More than one construction mission can be started
Fixed: Animation being broken when switching weapons during reloading
Fixed: Aborting a scavenging missions sometimes results in mission hanging
Fixed: Aiming animation angle degree was off


Adjusted: Losing all survivors will no longer end the game
Adjusted: SMGs visual effects revised
Adjusted: Melee (Right + Left) combo speed adjusted
Added: Weapon mods confirmation and replacement mechanism
Added: Spawn item rotation mechanism
Added: Infected model variations
Added: Locations now have information on resources in description
Added: New SkyWay Site


Losing in a raid or other cases where no survivors are left alive will no longer end the game, instead the camp will enter a state where it will be losing resources every phase. Players will be able to regroup with leader character and travel to either one of the sites in an attempt to find survivors and reestablish their camp.

Items dropped on the ground by players will be deleted after 2 minutes.

We would love to get feedback from players regarding the design and gameplay on the new site. Also please let us know if you are experiencing any of the mentioned issues after this update.

Thank you!

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