The Withering 2.0

The Withering 2.0 Update is now live!


Personal announcement

Hello everybody! Oh, where to begin..? I guess I’ll start from the beginning. When I originally introduced The Withering to the world through Steam Greenlight program, I had a vision, I wanted the game to bring something new to the genre. Being a gamer and a fan of the survival games, I wanted to expand the gameplay elements that I felt were lacking in many games. While we achieved a lot during the last year, I still did not feel like we are in the place I have envisioned.

During the last couple of weeks, I have personally did a lot of heavy lifting in game design, gameplay and features. And would like to share this experience with you as well as provide you with a new 2.0 update for the beta branch. This update will change the game in a lot of ways and introduce to you, the players, all the new features that I personally think will make The Withering great.

Update Information

The 2.0 update is focused on all of the new features we are introducing with it, please keep in mind that this is a work in progress and some of the gameplay elements are not yet implemented with this first release. The weapon systems are undergoing drastic changes to fit into the new robust stats system and are not included with this release. However, players will be able to try all of the cool new features listed in details below.


Due to the nature of this update, players might experience an issue where the player character will not properly spawn during the first time running the game. In this case, simply enable the mouse pointer by pressing Left Alt and close the game from the Menu bar icon on top right. Restart the game, and it should resolve the issue.

The Camp

The 2.0 introducing a brand new camp gameplay with deep and fluent management system that is no longer a separate entity. In 2.0 players will dynamically move between the Camp and the rest of the world, while sharing the Camp features amongst all of the characters.

The new Camp is a living entity, with vendors, quartermaster and survivors populating it. The entire system is managed from a single menu directly from the character interface, which allows players to transparently switch between characters in world and still have access to all of the camp features.

The new interface allows players to manage all of the camp buildings, survivors and missions. Upgrade different structures and add-ons to gain multiple bonuses.

All of the camp upgrades, add-ons and other types of improvements are now managed directly from the character control, through our new robust inventory and stats management system. These elements have a verity of bonuses and stats, rarities and more. There are many ways for players to receive these upgrades, and one them being crafting.

New Crafting System

Crafting! Yes, in 2.0 players will gain access to a new deep crafting system that is easily managed through the new character interface. The system is based on several types of crafting categories like Tools, Armor, Weapons, Gear with recipes available in each of these categories.

More Crafting

2.0 also introduces the extended crafting mechanic that will mostly be used for constructing Camp upgrades and Add-ons, combine scavenged items into resource bundles or breaking down other types of items. This system will require players to assemble the recipe by dropping the items in appropriate slots. Different combinations will yield different results.

Players will receive the recipes by different means, like completing a mission and getting a recipe as a reward, or simply by finding one while scavenging the world with their character.


In 2.0 players will now have access to the new types of NPCs such as a camp vendor and a quartermaster. With our new character system players gain access to the trading system, each items now have value and can be sold or purchased from different vendors throughout the world.

Some of these vendors will have specialty items that players will need for more advanced recipes or a special item bonus.

Another type of NPC introduced in 2.0 is the quartermaster. The quartermaster manages players storage, which is a shared repository available to all player characters.

These NPCs can be found in different areas in the world and players will be able to access their storage by interacting with them, so the storage is no longer limited to only Camp gameplay.

Player Characters

The new character system in 2.0 allows player to fully customize the character stats through gear, equipment and other means. Characters now have multiple stats that are used through the gameplay for different purposes, like interacting with NPCs, scavenging, combat, etc..

One of the most important changes in 2.0’s character management is that players are no longer limited to the four characters defined. Instead, players will be able to find new playable characters through out the gameplay, by using the radio communication from the camp, running missions, exploring the world, etc.

Each playable character will have a background story and unique looks. Once players add a new character to their roster, they can take switch between the characters at designated spots in the world or in their camp at will, and customize the character stats to their liking with different equipment sets. This allows players to have different types of characters for different situations in the game.

One of such examples would be to have a character with high charisma and persuasion stats to use on diplomacy missions. And have another character to do the fighting.

Exploring and Scavenging

As it was mentioned above, players will now be able to fluently transition between the camp and the world map with any of their characters. This is done directly from the game world, by interacting with entry / exit points.

These points will allow players to cross between maps, Camp, missions and other areas throughout the world with their active character.

Withering 2.0 introduces a brand new scavenging system that will take the experience to the next level!

Everything in the world now becomes a part of this scavenging system, and players will be able to interact with the in world objects. The system automatically highlights the objects that are available for scavenging.

Different objects will yield different loot types and categories, such as components, resources, equipment and etc.

Scavenged objects will randomly respawn through out the world.

Feedback and Bug Reporting

Please leave your feedback regarding your gameplay experience and ideas in the following thread:

Please feel free to ask questions in the thread as well.

NOTE: This update is for BETA branch, to gain access to BETA branch please follow the instructions in the patch notes below.

Gaining Access to BETA

As it was mentioned above, this update is for the game’s BETA branch only. To gain access to the BETA branch please follow the steps below:

1) In the Steam game library right click The Withering and select properties

2) In the properties window, switch to BETAS tab on top

3) Enter gimmebetapls in beta access code and click on Check Code

4) Select the Public Beta Branch from the drop down menu and allow Steam to download the new build

If you do not see the Public Beta Branch, please make sure you entered the code correctly.

Thank you!