The Withering 2.0 – Melee Combat development update

Melee Combat

Hello everybody! As I mentioned before, last week I was working on implementing a new melee combat mechanic into The Withering 2.0, and today I would like to share the development progress with you as well as actually show you how this new functionality works with a demonstration video that can viewed by clicking on the link below:


The new melee combat controller functionality allows players to engage enemies in a fluent real time melee combat with brand new amazing features like enemy locking system, dodging, blocking, a counter system, quick and heavy melee attack combos, and more!

I am currently working on combining the unarmed and melee controllers to work seamlessly together and allow players to dynamically switch between melee and unarmed controls with a single press of a button.

I also plan to release an update for the 2.0 by the end of this week and let you test this new functionality yourselves.

I’m sure you will have questions regarding the new melee controller and it’s features, please feel free to discuss them in the thread provided in the Feedback section below.


Please leave your thoughts, feedback and ideas in the following thread:

Please feel free to ask questions in that thread as well.

Thank you!