The Withering 2.0 – Gunplay controller development update


Hello everybody! As I mentioned in my posts, I was working on implementing a new gunplay mechanic into The Withering 2.0 controller. Today I would like to share a demonstration video that can viewed by clicking on the link below:


The new gunplay controller allows players to engage enemies in ranged and close combat with a firearm. The controller allows for melee strikes on a closed in enemy, to push them away dealing damage. A new dynamic in world crosshair mechanic allows for better precision aiming, as it reflects on the environment.

The new explosives mechanic has also been implemented into the gunplay controller, allowing players to throw an explosive device on the enemy.

Next Steps

Now that the new gunplay mechanic has been implemented, the next step would be to combine all three controllers into a single machine and link the controllers with the new character system. This will allow the functionality of the character stats to reflect on both melee and firearm combat as well as provide a large verity of weapon customization.

The scope of work for this step is yet to be defined, and I will be announcing the next update release date this week.

If you have any questions regarding the new gunplay controller features, please feel free to discuss them in the thread provided in the Feedback section below.


Please leave your thoughts, feedback and ideas in the following thread:

Please feel free to ask questions in that thread as well.

Thank you!