The Withering 2.0 Development Update and Roadmap

Hello everybody!

It’s been a very busy week and I am very happy with the results! I am slightly ahead of the estimated schedule with the development and the end result is better than I have anticipated!

I would like to share a few things with you on what was achieved in the past couple of weeks as well the plans for the near future.

Environment and HUD

The player HUD development was completed. HUD now fully functioning with the new player stats system and weapon display.

The following screenshots were taken from the new game environment that will become a part of the Withering 2.0 city map.

Let’s break it down a little bit. One of the major changes in 2.0 is the scale of the map. If we look at the buildings in the distance, they are over one thousand game units away from the character. Now to put it in perspective, the largest map in 1.x is currently Upper St.Claire section of the city. St.Claire is built on a 500×500 game units map. What we see on the screenshot above is twice the size of an entire St.Claire map.

Let’s talk a little bit about performance and optimization. I was able to develop a more advanced level design approach that allows for the same amount of details to be implemented while costing less resources. This also allowed for a larger scale construction. In addition, new features were developed such as cloth behavior emulation is now controlled via shaders rather than physics engine, and as such will reduce the processing cost and increase an overall performance. New improvements were also implemented for particle systems and other gameplay elements.

My initial internal testing yielded a much better results in comparison to the 1.x build. This testing was done BEFORE the major optimizations are applied. I am expecting an even better results once the map is fully constructed and optimized.

Development Roadmap

In the light of the latest development and testing, I am now able to adequately estimate the development road map for the Withering 2.0 up until the merge into the main branch.

July 03 – July 16

Aggressive city map construction work
July 16th – Patch Rollout

July 17 – July 31

City map construction
Random events development
July 31 – Patch Rollout

Aug 1 – Aug 15

City map construction
Infected enemies development

Aug 16 – Aug 31

City map construction
Camp interface expansion
Camp mechanics development
Aug 31 – Patch Rollout

Sep 1 – Sep 15

City map construction
Camp interface expansion
Camp mechanics development

Sep 15 – Sep 30

City map construction
Item database expansion
Crafting mechanics expansion
Sep 30 – Patch Rollout

Oct 1 – Oct 15

Polishing and fine-tuning of game mechanics
Preparation for main branch merge

Oct 15 – Oct 20 – Main branch merge!

I will be posting a detailed announcements per engagement.


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Thank you!