“The Withering” – Testimonials

Of the more than 10,000 gamers on Steam who play The Withering, 143  have provided these testimonials and have played an astounding 793+ hours so far…

“..Hands down this is the best zombie game I’ve played..”

Game Prodigy 141.7 hours played

“…While the genre has seemingly been beaten to (un)death, this game came as a pleasant surprise…”

-anto_capone22.6 hours played

“…Well i figure after playing the game for now close to 100 hours…” 

-Sidetrackx174 hours played

“…Great game, extreamely addicting, fun, and best of all, you get to slay some zombie a$$…”

-KEYOS17.7 hours played

“…Really interesting mix between rpg and base management, in an apocalyptic setting…” 

-Hunterwolf81 hours played

“…Great Early Access, I really see some awesome things coming from this title. Loads of detail and lots to do. Can’t wait to see what more is to come…” 


“…I know I probably sound like the love child of Billy Mayes and the ShamWow Guy, but this game truely is this good…” 

-headmonkeyboy104.6 hours played

“…One of the few Early Access Game one can trust…”

-Larzaval18.6 hours played

“..Your team is doing a wonderful job! Keep up the excellent progress..”

-Looper146 hours played

“..You’re doing a stellar job, guys! Thank you for your dedication to this gem of a game and its community..”

-CrudD15.4 hours played

“..Very impressive. Thank you for the hard work..”

-Lord English

“..I’ve been spending my whole free time on your game lately..”

-gage1725 Hours played

“..You are the best devs around, never change ..”

-jygantic47 Hours played

“..Pleasantly suprised to see the incredible attention to detail to the environment, I’m really looking forward to watch this game grow and improve..”

-Drew Pickles