The Withering | Survival Horror Strategy RPG

Build your camp, manage your survivors and fight off hoards of infected and other survivors. Explore  a huge open world as you scavenge for supplies.  Diplomacy, research, crafting systems and more…

Will you survive ?

“The Withering” is a modern world post-apocalyptic survival horror simulator set in a world where a terrible viral infection wiped 90% of the population, which in return triggered a series of catastrophic events laying devastation on an already dying world. Those who survived are now facing a new reality, forced to scavenge for resources and fight for their lives against the infected and other threats in this new world.


“..Hands down this is the best zombie game I’ve played..” -Game Prodigy, 141.7 hours on record.

The game has been the vision of Creative Director, David Shefet since 2013.  David is one of the founders of CM Softworks Inc., an independent game development company. On April 2015 The Withering was submitted on Steam Green Light and was Green Lit by the community in only 12 days! A remarkable achievement! This was followed shortly thereafter with the Early Access release of The Withering in December of 2015. Since then nearly 10,000 beta tester have joined The Withering community who actively play and provide fantastic feedback to the CM Softworks development team.

Ever since the Early Access release we at CM Softworks Inc. are creating the world of “The Withering” along side our community. Working on improving the game and adding new content on regular basis. It has been an amazing experience for us to see how “The Withering” was growing and shaping with the help of the community into what it is today.

The Withering’s innovative game design concept is getting rave reviews by the community of beta testers who actively play it and provide excellent feedback on what features they would like to see next. Even though only a fraction of the planned features and content have been developed there has been tremendous early access success and support from the gaming community. We are an independent studio and have been privately funded so far which has helped us develop this wonderfully innovate and fun to play game.


Open World

An open world to explore with changing scenery will take players through wild forests, vast planes, rural environments and ruined cities.

“…While the genre has seemingly been beaten to (un)death, this game came as a pleasant surprise…” -anto_capone, 22.6 hours on record

A randomly generated events and encounters will make each gameplay a unique experience as players will scavenge for resources, meet other survivors or just explore a hostile world.

Adrenaline pumping firefight combat encounters with bandits will keep players dodging bullets and ducking behind cover. Our advanced AI system will make sure that enemies will use cover, flank and suppress players, and make every engagement a unique experience.

“…Well i figure after playing the game for now close to 100 hours…” –Sidetrackx, 174 hours on record

Objective based missions will put players into a challenging face to face gameplay mode in various environments, where players will have to go head to head against waves of enemies and special bosses for unique loot and rewards.

A full day / night cycle system will allow players to plan their scavenging runs during daytime or after dark.

Custom Characters

Create and customise your characters with different outfits and gear. Earn experience points from completing missions, events or helping others. Multiple skill trees will allow players to adjust their characters to better suit their gameplay style.

“…Great game, extreamely addicting, fun, and best of all, you get to slay some zombie a$$…” –KEYOS, 17.7 hours on record


A large variety of weapons ranging from close combat melee weapons to long range sniper rifles. Players will be able to master each weapon type through skill trees and use it to their advantage. Different tools like Flashlights, Smoke Grenades and more. Various types of explosives, just because no apocalypse can go without them.


Research and Production

A deep crafting system helps players make advanced tools to help their survivors in their everyday tasks, make weapons and armour to equip their characters and produce necessary components to build up their camp and upgrade it. Research new technologies and tricks to better adapt your camp and population to the new hostile world.

Factions and Diplomacy

Discover other survivor camps, trade resources and receive special missions. Fame and reputation system will allow players to choose and become a friendly helping group or be a feared bandits taking resources from other survivors by force.

Different factions will offer unique events and missions throughout the game, and players will be able balance their standings amongst all factions or pick a side and gain access to the high end rewards yielded by the dedicated faction missions and events.

One of the strongest and unique features in the game is that it combines two different gameplay types into a seamless experience. When players are not scavenging and fighting bandits and infected, they will be taking control of their survivor’s camp.

“…Really interesting mix between rpg and base management, in an apocalyptic setting…” -Hunterwolf, 81 hours on record

This is where all the new and different gameplay and features are kicking in as players will manage their survivors, resources and build up their camp to defend it against the zombie raids and bandits.

Sending their survivors on scavenging, hunting and diplomatic missions. Upgrading their camp for additional gains and bonuses. Crafting and upgrading the items that players can equip with their characters in a real time action gameplay mode.

Discover new locations, equip your survivor squads and raid bandit camps are just a few gameplay elements that this mode has to offer.

Expand your camp’s area of influence to gain access to a more difficult missions and receive greater rewards.

One of the new additions to the game is the World Map that players can access from their camp interface. The map represents all of the places that players can visit in a real time action gameplay.

“…Great Early Access, I really see some awesome things coming from this title. Loads of detail and lots to do. Can’t wait to see what more is to come…” –Valkyr-

We are planning to allow players to explore most of the post-apocalyptic North America and then expand the world even further. Each section of the world will be controlled by a different faction and have power struggle events and missions. Lots of locations to visit while exploring the map section with random events and encounters. Quarantine and Radiation zones will put players to a challenge of fighting elite enemies for unique high end rewards.

The Multiplayer game mode is going to be our next major update and this is the aspect where the game is truly going to stand out from others in the genre. Both PvE and PvP gameplay elements are going to be present in the Multiplayer update.

“…I know I probably sound like the love child of Billy Mayes and the ShamWow Guy, but this game truely is this good…” –headmonkeyboy, 104.6 hours on record


The PvE (Player vs Environment) is going to let player work together in a team to take on harder elite enemies and gain better loot. Run Co-op missions, clear out heavily defended enemy locations, participate in a random world event or simply team up and survive together as a team.

The main concept of the PvE is to dynamically team players up while they roam in the open world. It means that players can play with their friends or play alone and still benefit from teaming up with random players they meet, and each player participating in an event will receive the rewards.


The PvP (Player vs Player) will have multiple game modes available. A Classic Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and many more.

The open world PvP will be limited to certain areas like “Quarantine Zones” and “Radiation Zones”. These zones will hold better loot and harder enemies, but will also be open PvP areas.