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Upcoming new free roam map

Hello everybody!

It’s yet another weekend of a very busy week and I just wanted to share a few things you. I have noticed that more and more people are wondering about the open world features that we promised you, and wanted to shed some light on the development process in that department.

We are working on our first free roam section of Utah state, that we plan to make available by the end of June. This is the very first of the four sections that players will be able to explore. Players will be able to transition between the sections without having to return to camp. Each section will hold a lot of activities for players to participate in. Missions, bounty hunts, etc.. In each section of the state a controlling faction will have a safe stronghold where players will be able to trade their reputation for unique rewards and gear, ammo, medicine and more. Our beloved city of Woodsfield will also be directly accessible from the free roam mode.

Vehicles, missions, storyline, community activities, achievements, new equipment, character skill trees.. I can really talk for hours on how many possibilities and new features this will add to the gameplay, so I will be posting weekly updates on the development process.

Thank you all and have a great weekend!

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