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The Withering on Kickstarter

Hello everybody,

We would like to thank our community for support and involvement in the development of The Withering. Since the very first day of the Early Access release our community have been helping us in this enormous effort, and we are very happy to see how far we’ve come, and what we were able to achieve with our team.

Even though only a fraction of the planned features and content have been developed there has been tremendous early access success and support from the community. We are an independent studio and have been privately funded so far which has helped us develop the game with the vision.

This is just the beginning and to complete the vision and accelerate the completion of the full release we need your support once again. We would really love to have The Withering continue to be community driven and build on the success that our mutual passion has created. The more support we receive the more independent we can stay and continue to listen to the community for more great ideas that keep you plugged into the development roadmap.


Scorch is now on Steam Greenlight

We have launched Scorch on Steam Greenlight!

Visit our Greenlight page and become involved in the development and provide your feedback to the developers team!

One of the most important things for us here at CM Softworks Inc. is also something that we are proud of, and that is the concept and the approach that we have adopted when developing games. We strive to deliver the maximum gameplay experience by involving you, the community in the development process from the very beginning to the last line of code that is written. We strongly believe that by doing so, we can best ourselves and the games that we create, while listening to your feedback, suggestions and ideas!