New Site is coming in the next update!

Hello everybody,

As you probably heard, we plan to release our next 1.0.11.x Update next week! That update will include several fixes and adjustments as all our weekly updates do, however we are also introducing a new site for players to explore in real time action gameplay. This announcement will provide you with a little preview to that site.

The new site will be called “SkyWay” and there is a little bit of story for that. As you probably guessed, this site will be featuring another part of the Woodsfield city. This site is a quarantined highway that is stretched across the city, and as the story suggests it was sealed off by the military during the outbreak, trapping people that were trying to escape the city between two military block posts.

Personally, I’m very excited about this new site as we are adding all sorts of new gameplay elements to it. Players will have to cover a lot of ground with many obstacles and infected in their way. The level design is entirely different from the Woodsfield Center site, and will have players climb the abandoned cars and containers to avoid the infected on the ground.

I would also recommend to stack up on ammo before deploying to this new site. The number of infected that players will have to encounter is nothing compared to Woodsfield. As you will be locked in tight spaces, infected will be coming from all directions, forcing players to use the environment to their advantage.

Right now the site is about 30% complete, and that means we will be adding more sections to the highway every week in our updates. Expanding and adjusting the site environment.

There is plenty of loot varying from materials and resources to weapons, mods and other gears. There will also be chances of finding survivors.

We hope to get a feedback from you once the update is live!

Thank you.

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