New Camp Management Gameplay – Development Update # 2

Hello everybody!

I would like to share another glimpse of the upcoming new camp management gameplay that will become a part of our major update.

Workshop building during daytime phase, players will be able to manage the camp production from the workshop building menu.

The storage building during evening phase, each building will grow as players upgrade the building level.

The radio tower during evening phase, this is where players will manage the diplomacy tasks of the camp.

Headquarters at night, is where players will be able to access the camp status, report, tasks and other important camp information.

Roster tent at night, here players will be able to manage their custom characters and transfer the equipment.

Roster tent interior, is where your characters hang out.

Camp gates during the morning phase.

Camp perimeter wall.

All of the camp interface will be available by interaction with the in game building or directly from the camp interface that can be accessed from anywhere in the camp.

Most of the camp management features will be adjusted to suit the new gameplay and the camp population will be drastically increased. The buildings will be manned by survivors and will become more productive with more survivors working in them.

Stay tuned as we will be releasing more screenshots and a gameplay video soon!

Thank you!

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