Free Roam – Development Update #2

Hello everybody!

It’s me again and I’m here to give you another quick update on the free roam development progress.

First I would like to let you know that we are making good progress and plan to have a free roam map available with our next update. It will not have all of the features implemented but players will be able to explore the map and visit all of the locations.

I know that I have promised to record a gameplay video and I fully intend to do that, we are getting so very close to releasing our new player controller that I wanted to include it in the video. I also promised to show you how the new deployment interface would look like:

The new “MAP” button on bottom right will open the North America region map from which players will be able to choose the place to travel.

Once the location is selected, players will be given some basic information of what is available. Such as number of towns and cities, missions, controlling faction, etc..

The blank tab on the left will hold player character portraits to select and the left tab will display a list of points of interest, like City of Woodsfield for example.

The new free roam map will feature new gameplay elements such as random encounters, where players will meet other survivors or engage in combat with bandits for resources and maybe save someone’s life.

There will be two more missions accessible from the map, the Waterfront Liberation mission will have players fight for control of the clean water supply in the area. And the Factory Assault mission will put players into a thrilling challenge of taking back the old factory and it’s resources from the bandits.

I will be posting new updates as soon as possible, showing the new map and it’s features in action!

Thank you,
David Shefet.

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