Early Access is Here!

Hello everybody !

We are VERY excited to announce that The Withering is now officially in Early Access release state !

We would also like to thank the Steam Green Light community for supporting our project, and feedback ! It has been a very exciting experience for us here at CM Softworks.

There is still a lot of work to be done, but we think that we made a huge step today. The Early Access release will have elements of Turn Based management gameplay and the Real Time Action gameplay mode as well. Here is the list of some features that are available to players in the Early Access:

* Single Player Mode
* Custom Character Creation
* Camp Management Gameplay mode
* Real Time Action Gameplay mode
* A special outfit has been included for the early access available from character creation screen!

The following features are planned to be implemented in the next major update, that is scheduled to come out in the first half of 2016:

* Multiplayer Mode
* PvP Game mode
* Co-op Game Mode
* Additional game content such as new maps, outfits, weapons
* Management and Real time action game modes features
* New enemy types
* New events

And more..

Please see our Early Access information on the store page for additional game details.


Thank you.

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