New Look

In this update we are introducing the new visuals that will capture the feel of the apocalyptic world in more detail. Smooth lighting transitions between phases of day night cycle and additional effects will allow us to create more complex and beautiful environments for players to explore.

Patch Notes:

Fixed: Bandit group spawns sometimes are doubled
Fixed: Inventory icons sometimes will not display properly
Adjusted: Cache sites will now spawn continuously on the map
Adjusted: Ammo / Gear cache ammo amount has been increased
Adjusted: Cache visual effects have been adjusted

Added: New visuals

In our next Patch

I am happy to let players know that we will be releasing female characters in our upcoming patch scheduled for next week. Players will have additional character slots available to expand their roster.

Please report if you are experiencing any issues mentioned above.


Empire Plaza

St.Claire site has been once again expanded with a new section that is being introduced in this update. The Empire Plaza located in the center of the St.Claire’s commercial district has been abandoned during the first week of the outbreak.

Several groups of looters have been spotted in the area, it is believed that when military forces withdrew, they left behind most of their equipment. Including the headquarters that were established in the office building.

Patch Notes:

Fixed: Scene processing elements optimized for better performance
Fixed: Inventory items would sometimes freeze
Adjusted: Added new bandit models
Adjusted: Bandit player tracking behavior
Adjusted: Stamina consumption during sprint is decreased

Added: New animation sets
Added: St.Claire Site has been extended with Empire Plaza section
Added: Additional resolutions support


We are aware of several minor discomforts with new animation states and are working on resolving those as soon as possible. Additional resolution support has been added with this update, including 2k resolutions. Players might experience minor graphical issues while playing on 2k resolution, and are strongly encouraged to report any issues and interface glitches, as well as any issues that are mentioned above.

Female Characters Internal Testing

Hello everybody, just wanted to share a little something with you!

We noticed that more players are asking for female characters to be implemented into the game, and I just wanted to let you know that we are working on it.

Here is a screenshot taken a few minutes ago by yours truly, as I was doing some initial tests:

There is still work to be done, but overall we are pleased with the results.

Stay tuned as we will be posting updates on the development progress.

Thank you,
David Shefet.


This patch addresses several issues that were spotted by our team and reported by the community.

Fixed: Infected received more damage than they should
Fixed: Killing infected will always result in headshot bonus
Fixed: Bandits now yield experience on melee kills
Fixed: Bandits sometimes ignore player while patrolling
Fixed: Infected do not react to bandits sometimes
Fixed: Game sometimes becomes slow after player dies on St.Claire site

Please report back to us if you are still experiencing the issue!

Thank you.


In this update we bring you the much awaited new gameplay elements that you have been asking for! The new South St.Claire region of the City of Woodsfield has been extended with new sections and new enemies are now roaming the streets!


Players will encounter a new threat! Bandits and looters are now roaming the streets of South St Claire, making scavenging more challenging for the players. Armed with different weapons, these guys will shoot to kill.

Grab your best weapon, stack up on ammo and make sure to have extra medicine in your backpacks. You will be facing several enemies at a time, so using cover is critical for survival. Don’t be a hero! Confronting bandits in open combat will most likely result in your demise. Use the environment to your advantage, and gain an upper hand.

Bandits will drop loot on death that has an increased chance of item rarity and yield higher experience than infected.

South St Claire

The region have been expanded with new sections and bandit spawn points have been place throughout the site. This site will be expanded in every update and players should expect to see new environments.

What to expect next

New bandit models and enemy levels such as regular, elite and boss enemies with increased rewards. New environments will become available for players to explore, like subways and sewers, that will hold new infected enemy types. Reputation mechanism, that will allow players to gain reputation with one of the factions and spend it on unique faction rewards. Female player characters will become available soon.

Patch Notes:

Fixes: Binoculars descripting in production menu
Fixed: Delay after reloading
Fixed: Rendering performance issues
Fixed: Adjusted handgun animations
Fixed: Vsync would not trigger properly sometimes


The new enemy AI is still in development, there are a few issues that we are aware of and are working on fixing them. Players might experience several camera positioning issues during crouch state, we are going to address this issue in our next update.

Stay tuned for more information on the upcoming features. Players are encouraged to report any issues they encounter on the new site as well as overall performance.

Thank you!


This update addresses the issues that were discovered during the internal testing and / or reported by the community. New features are being included with this update, please see the detailed description below.

The New Features

In this update we are introducing new visuals into the game. The new effects are designed to enhance the overall quality on Ultra settings and add new post effect settings to the video options menu, these effects are optional and can be turned on and off independently on any quality setting. In the following screenshot you can see the new features in effect in combination with Ultra settings.

The screenshots were taken from the new site that is in development, and will be featured in one of our upcoming updates with our new enemies and multiplayer content. The depth of field effect adds a feeling of depth to the objects in the background and a smoothing fog in the distance adds to the overall environment effect.

A lot of work was done on optimization side of both, the new site and general performance. Our internal tests show an increase on both high end and low end machines. We will be adding the new site in a beta state with our upcoming update, where players are strongly encouraged to report the performance on their side.

We are also adding more features on the gameplay side, such as dynamic crosshairs, areas monitor and additional on screen GUI information that will help players keep better track of their progress.

Players can expect to visit new places on the new upcoming site. Abandoned diners, ruins, slums and underground subway stations are just a few of those.

The streets are filled with remains of the struggle against the infection during the initial outbreak and players will be engaged in a brand new gameplay elements, interact with the environment and gain special reputation bonuses with the controlling faction in the region.

Multiplayer Gamemode – Closed Beta

We will be announcing a Closed Beta date for the multiplayer game mode soon! If you already own The Withering, you will have a chance to register for the closed beta and work close together with the development team on improving the experience.

Patch Notes:

Build# 997557


Fixed: Key binding not working properly while in camp
Fixed: Action buttons on the right panel interface in camp being pushed off screen in some cases
Fixed: Dropping an equiped item results in abnormal character behavior sometimes
Fixed: Aborting a mission with equipment assigned does not return the equipment properly
Fixed: Woodsfield Center site minor optimizations
Fixed: Flickering shadows on distant objects


Added: Depth of Field effect
Added: Crease Shading effect
Added: Vignette effect
Added: Fog
Added: Anisotropic texture option


The new visual effects are disabled by default and have to be enabled from the Video Options. Some of these effects can be heavier on the performance.


Added: Dynamic crosshairs
Added: Player location tracking mechanism (will become available with a new site)
Added: Experience gains from kills are now visible on target

Stay tuned for more information on the upcoming features and please let us know if you are experiencing any issues mentioned above.

Thank you!


This update addresses the issues that were discovered during the internal testing and / or reported by the community. Game options screen has been made available from any point in game.

Additional Information

As we are getting closer to the major update that will include new human enemy types, a new Site is being developed to support the new features. This new site will become available to public in beta with our next update. Players are strongly encouraged to report any issues that they encounter on a new site. The site is also being developed with preparation for our multiplayer features.

Patch Notes:


Fixed: Environment manager has been optimized for performance


Adjusted: Morning time has been extended
Adjusted: Ammo carrying capacity has been increased
Added: Options are now available anywhere in game
Added: Fast Travel button has been added to camp interface

Ammo Capacity

Ammo carrying capacity has been increased, the new ammo stacks are as follows:

9mm / 45cal = 200
5.56 / 7.62 = 300
Buchshot = 120
357m = 90
Simple ammo = 150

The new maximum stack capacity will be valid until a new inventory and camp storage systems have been fully developed and implemented.

Fast Travel

A fast travel button added to the bottom left interface will allow players to quickly jump into location / site selection for traveling in real time action gameplay mode.

Please let us know if you are experiencing any issues with the mentioned above features.

Thank you!


This update addresses the issues that were discovered during the internal testing and / or reported by the community. The new SkyWay site has been extended with additional sections.

Patch Notes:


Fixed: Enemies management system performance increase


Adjusted: Melee combat no longer requires to be in melee ready state
Adjusted: SkyWay site loot spawn
Adjusted: SkyWay site enemy spawn
Added: New SkyWay Site sections
Added: New scene management system to increase performance

Melee combat system will no longer require players to be in a melee ready state to start attacking with a melee weapon. If the melee weapon is equipped and selected, left and right mouse buttons will start the attacks and put player into melee ready state automatically.

Thank you!


This update addresses the issues that were discovered during the internal testing and / or reported by the community. The new SkyWay site is a part of this update. Several gameplay features and elements have been revised. Please see the patch notes below for additional details.

The new Site is here!

The new SkyWay site is now available for players to explore. This site is focused more on action gameplay style, and more gear is available to loot. Players will also have a chance of finding materials, resources and survivors while exploring.

Patch Notes:


Fixed: More than one construction mission can be started
Fixed: Animation being broken when switching weapons during reloading
Fixed: Aborting a scavenging missions sometimes results in mission hanging
Fixed: Aiming animation angle degree was off


Adjusted: Losing all survivors will no longer end the game
Adjusted: SMGs visual effects revised
Adjusted: Melee (Right + Left) combo speed adjusted
Added: Weapon mods confirmation and replacement mechanism
Added: Spawn item rotation mechanism
Added: Infected model variations
Added: Locations now have information on resources in description
Added: New SkyWay Site


Losing in a raid or other cases where no survivors are left alive will no longer end the game, instead the camp will enter a state where it will be losing resources every phase. Players will be able to regroup with leader character and travel to either one of the sites in an attempt to find survivors and reestablish their camp.

Items dropped on the ground by players will be deleted after 2 minutes.

We would love to get feedback from players regarding the design and gameplay on the new site. Also please let us know if you are experiencing any of the mentioned issues after this update.

Thank you!

New Site is coming in the next update!

Hello everybody,

As you probably heard, we plan to release our next 1.0.11.x Update next week! That update will include several fixes and adjustments as all our weekly updates do, however we are also introducing a new site for players to explore in real time action gameplay. This announcement will provide you with a little preview to that site.

The new site will be called “SkyWay” and there is a little bit of story for that. As you probably guessed, this site will be featuring another part of the Woodsfield city. This site is a quarantined highway that is stretched across the city, and as the story suggests it was sealed off by the military during the outbreak, trapping people that were trying to escape the city between two military block posts.

Personally, I’m very excited about this new site as we are adding all sorts of new gameplay elements to it. Players will have to cover a lot of ground with many obstacles and infected in their way. The level design is entirely different from the Woodsfield Center site, and will have players climb the abandoned cars and containers to avoid the infected on the ground.

I would also recommend to stack up on ammo before deploying to this new site. The number of infected that players will have to encounter is nothing compared to Woodsfield. As you will be locked in tight spaces, infected will be coming from all directions, forcing players to use the environment to their advantage.

Right now the site is about 30% complete, and that means we will be adding more sections to the highway every week in our updates. Expanding and adjusting the site environment.

There is plenty of loot varying from materials and resources to weapons, mods and other gears. There will also be chances of finding survivors.

We hope to get a feedback from you once the update is live!

Thank you.