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New Camp Management Gameplay – Development Update # 2

Hello everybody! I would like to share another glimpse of the upcoming new camp management gameplay that will become a part of our major update. Workshop building during daytime phase, players will be able to manage the camp production from the workshop building menu. The storage building during evening phase, each building will grow as […]


This is a technical update for the game infrastructure that will allow for the new changes, it is designed to upgrade the technical side of the game’s foundation in preparation for support of our upcoming Multiplayer and Free Roam update. The majority of the components being updated to support server / client functionality and are […]

Free Roam – Development update # 3

Hello everybody, it’s been another very busy week for us here and I would like to share a few very important things with you! In this announcement I will be talking about the Free Roam gameplay updates coming our way as well as a short term road map regarding the new features. Free Roam overview […]

Free Roam – Development Update #2

Hello everybody! It’s me again and I’m here to give you another quick update on the free roam development progress. First I would like to let you know that we are making good progress and plan to have a free roam map available with our next update. It will not have all of the features […]

Free Roam – Development Update #1

Hello everybody, I am super excited to let you know that the Free Roam development is going very well! These last few days were extremely productive, we have added several more locations to explore on the map and I am personally very happy with the internal testing results so far. Before writing this I decided […]


In this update we introduce new “The Den” mission accessible from Woodsfield Upper St.Claire Site. In addition new visual effects have been added to enhance the combat experience. Bandit AI cover based behavior has been adjusted for better performance, along with other performance optimizations. Under Fire New stunning visual effects have been added to enhance […]

Multiplayer Closed Beta – Registration is Open!

Multiplayer Closed Beta Registration is now Open! REGISTER NOW Hello everybody, I am very excited to announce that we are opening a closed beta registration for Multiplayer! As you probably know we are talking about the multiplayer feature since the beginning of this project, and if you have any questions regarding the MP concept you […]

Pack your bags, we’re going outdoors!

Upcoming new free roam map Hello everybody! It’s yet another weekend of a very busy week and I just wanted to share a few things you. I have noticed that more and more people are wondering about the open world features that we promised you, and wanted to shed some light on the development process […]


New features Hello everybody, I’d like to start with good news regarding our progress on the multiplayer development. As I mentioned in my previous announcement, we are in final stages of development and working on establishing a solid multiplayer platform, both hardware and software wise to support upcoming features. We are working on a scalable […]


Update is now live! I this update we address several issues that were reported by the community and discovered during internal testing. Short Term Roadmap Hello everybody! It’s late Friday night, and I am once again here with you. I would like to talk about some of the upcoming features we will be adding […]