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CM Softworks Inc.
Based in Winnipeg, MB Canada

Founding date:

Nov 24, 2013


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The Withering



1700-360 Main Street
Winnipeg, MB
Canada R3C 3Z3


+1 (855) 996-4742


CM Softworks is an independent game development studio based in Winnipeg, MB Canada. We specialize in PC Games with innovative game design driven by the community involvement in the development process.

Company History


CM Softworks’ second title, Scorch, was recently submitted to Steam Green Light and after only 6 days of the campaign it was well over half way to the top 100 Green Light Projects.

During the campaign we have been working on improving the gameplay elements and adding new content. The game’s concept is a mix of the old school classic platformer gameplay and the modern technology graphics and game design. We are striving to create an immersive world with a background story, while keeping the players focusing on a nostalgic, fast paced gameplay.

At CM Softworks Inc. we believe that the most important aspect of the game development is to include the gaming community in the process, our projects continue to be community driven and build on the success that our mutual passion has created.

About Scorch


Human age of industry caused a steady depletion of the ozone layer, that could not be stopped. Multiple holes in ozone opened up around the world, exposing Earth to the direct solar radiation. This affected plant growth and produced radicals in seawater that killed most marine organisms, and wildlife. Scorching the face of the Earth, turning it into a barren wasteland.


Scorch is a fast paced action shoot em up platformer, set in a post-apocalyptic modern world. A Story Driven gameplay will put players in control of the main character and unravel the story through a series of campaign levels, each taking players through the scorched ruins of our world.

Game Design

An immersive visually stunning world of Scorch will challenge your survival instincts, hostile environment will put your wits and reflexes to the test, as you will be facing different enemies, fighting, jumping and climbing your way through every level filled with astonishing detail, to submerge players and deliver the most out of the gameplay experience.

Weapons and Gear

Multiple weapons to choose from long range marksman rifle and assault rifle, to close quarters shotgun. Blow your enemies up with hand grenades, or use the environment to shift the course of battle.

A Mix of Features

  • An immersive beautiful scorched post-apocalyptic environment, that will sharpen your survival instincts and push your senses to the limit, as you will learn to use the environment to overcome obstacles and gain an upper hand

  • Plan your battles, use the environment to your advantage as you fight for your life against multiple types of enemies. Duck behind cover and throw a grenade that will break your enemy lines and turn the odds in your favor

  • Enhanced with stunning 3D highly detailed environments mixed with an old school 2D sidescroller, takes this Platformer to a whole new experience level of the gameplay

  • Play through a full 3 Act long Campaign game mode and venture through different environments of the barren wastelands, ruined cities, abandoned factories and dark caverns

  • Adrenaline pumping gunfights will keep you on your toes as you progress down the storyline. Different types of weapons to choose from, grenades to blow your enemies up and melee weapons to take them down in close combat.

  • An extra objective based Skirmish game mode on re-playable maps

  • Steam community Trading Cards

Gameplay Video

The Gallery


Company and Game logos

Team and Collaborators

  • David Shefet

    Creative Director

  • Misha Hanin

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Oleksii Mirgulskyi

    Lead Programmer

  • Rob Zacharias

    Chief Information Officer

  • Lena Shkolnik

    Creative Advisor

  • Grigory Aksyutin

    Graphic Designer

  • Alexander Shafat

    Audio Engineer