Company Information

CM Softworks Inc. is an independent game development studio founded in 2013 and based in Winnipeg, MB Canada. Our business model is based on gaming community involvement during the development process, shaping the game elements based on feedback and ideas pitched to us by our community. With years of gaming and game development experience, our development team’s innovative approach to game development allows us to expand the gameplay experience to new levels. Our team’s expertise extends beyond traditional game development skills with expert knowledge levels of infrastructure design, granting us the ability lay strong foundation to our online gaming platform.

Development Team

10+ years of game development experience, game and architecture design, expert level of knowledge in multiple programming languages.


A solid online gaming infrastructure design, gaming servers provisioning across the globe, scalable architecture to meet any gaming demands

Game Development

Community focused development process, multiplatform game development, innovative game design, by gamers for gamers

Company History

The company was initially founded by CM Softworks Creative Director David Shefet, Misha Hanin and Rob Zacharias in late 2013. During the launch of The Withering, CM Softworks partnered with iRangers International Inc, the leading IT consulting company in Canada. With our efforts combined we were able to establish a solid foundation to support the continuous development of the game and the new features that were planned for the future implementation. Our multiplayer foundation allows us to easily provision game servers across the globe, providing players with low latency online gameplay and infrastructure scalability.


For an Early Access game I’d say CM Softworks nailed it!

Steam CommunityReviews

The development team really makes me confident that we will all see their vision for realized..

Steam CommunityReviews

The development continues in a good pace and the game is regularly updated..

Steam CommunityReviews

Your team is doing a wonderful job! Keep up the excellent progress!

Steam CommunityFeedback

Thank you CM Softworks for your dedication to this gem of a game and its community.

Steam CommunityFeedback

Can’t wait to see what you guys have in store for us..

Steam CommunityFeedback

In case no one’s told you yet today, you’re doing this Early Access thing right guys..

Steam CommunityFeedback

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