Free Roam – Development Update #2

Hello everybody!

It’s me again and I’m here to give you another quick update on the free roam development progress.

First I would like to let you know that we are making good progress and plan to have a free roam map available with our next update. It will not have all of the features implemented but players will be able to explore the map and visit all of the locations.

I know that I have promised to record a gameplay video and I fully intend to do that, we are getting so very close to releasing our new player controller that I wanted to include it in the video. I also promised to show you how the new deployment interface would look like:

The new “MAP” button on bottom right will open the North America region map from which players will be able to choose the place to travel.

Once the location is selected, players will be given some basic information of what is available. Such as number of towns and cities, missions, controlling faction, etc..

The blank tab on the left will hold player character portraits to select and the left tab will display a list of points of interest, like City of Woodsfield for example.

The new free roam map will feature new gameplay elements such as random encounters, where players will meet other survivors or engage in combat with bandits for resources and maybe save someone’s life.

There will be two more missions accessible from the map, the Waterfront Liberation mission will have players fight for control of the clean water supply in the area. And the Factory Assault mission will put players into a thrilling challenge of taking back the old factory and it’s resources from the bandits.

I will be posting new updates as soon as possible, showing the new map and it’s features in action!

Thank you,
David Shefet.

Free Roam – Development Update #1

Hello everybody,

I am super excited to let you know that the Free Roam development is going very well! These last few days were extremely productive, we have added several more locations to explore on the map and I am personally very happy with the internal testing results so far.

Before writing this I decided to do a little run around the map, to be exact just the main perimeter highway that circles it, started the stop watch on my phone and started sprinting.. By the time I have reached the point where I stared, the stop watch counter was 30:46.7 , It took me more than half an hour real life time just to run around the map on a main highway, without stopping at any location anytime. And I haven’t gone in a middle of the map yet, just circled it.

One of the best things I have noticed, is that I never was “In the middle of nowhere” for more than a minute at a time. There was always something coming up on the horizon. Personally I like the concept of huge maps, but I don’t really enjoy walking / running simulators. So I think we have nailed it in that aspect. The map is a very decent size, and you don’t have to run for 15 minutes just to reach a site you want to scavenge or explore.

And this is just a quarter of the Utah state that we are planning to implement into the game for players to explore. And yes, then we will do the rest of the states..

I will be making a short video showing you a little bit of the gameplay on the new map and how the interface in the camp will change for deploying to real time action gameplay, sometime this week. As soon as I will get a chance to record it.

Thank you all for your support and feedback, you keep us inspired!

David Shefet.


In this update we introduce new “The Den” mission accessible from Woodsfield Upper St.Claire Site. In addition new visual effects have been added to enhance the combat experience. Bandit AI cover based behavior has been adjusted for better performance, along with other performance optimizations.

Under Fire

New stunning visual effects have been added to enhance the look and feel of the fire fight combat when engaging bandits. New realistic muzzle flash effects with gun barrels spitting out flames, smoke and heat blurring.

New bullet trace and bullet impact effects truly take the overall combat experience to a new level. Each engagement becomes an adrenaline pumping thrill as players dodge to cover with bullets whizzing all around.

Bullet impacts sending pieces of concrete, brick, wood chips and dust flying through the air.

Ripping covers in bursting dust explosions with our new precise bullet impact detection system, makes each effect align with the direction of the surface it hits making the effects look even more realistic.

Material based bullet decals system with material surface based detection.

The Den

Introducing the new mission accessible from Woodsfield Upper St.Claire. Players will be able to take on an abandoned military outpost along a highway that has fallen under bandit control. Also introducing a beta weather effect system that is currently implemented on new mission.

The new mission will have brand new weapon rewards and random weapon modifications.

New Toys

New weapons are joining the arsenal:

PDW Small Machine Gun

Vector K10 Small Machine Gun

Mac 11 High velocity machine pistol

Patch Notes:

Fixed: Bandits sometimes getting stuck in cover
Adjusted: Bandit cover mode behavior
Added: New muzzle flash effects
Added: New bullet trace effects
Added: New bullet decal system
Added: New Bullet impact effects
Added: Bullet impact surface alignment system
Added: The Den mission
Added: Beta weather effects system

Multiplayer Closed Beta – Registration is Open!

Multiplayer Closed Beta Registration is now Open!


Hello everybody, I am very excited to announce that we are opening a closed beta registration for Multiplayer! As you probably know we are talking about the multiplayer feature since the beginning of this project, and if you have any questions regarding the MP concept you can visit our Multiplayer FAQ post HERE

To register simply follow the link below and enter your Name and Contact information. The Withering team will be contacting all registered players with details on the closed beta access.


Work directly with the developers on testing and improving the multiplayer features and receive special in game rewards!

Thank you!