New features

Hello everybody, I’d like to start with good news regarding our progress on the multiplayer development. As I mentioned in my previous announcement, we are in final stages of development and working on establishing a solid multiplayer platform, both hardware and software wise to support upcoming features. We are working on a scalable model which will allow us to provide game servers across the world in North America, Europe, Asia and other locations.

Our team is working very hard to make this happen in the shortest time frame, which in return requires us to move several tasks around our schedule. The new Graham Street Tunnel mission release has been rescheduled for next week due to these changes. However, this does not mean that there will be a delay on over features that I mentioned in our previous update announcement. It just means that other features were moved ahead.

New Shiny Crates

A brand new addition to the game are the “Supply Crates” that are scattered around St.Claire site. These crates will randomly spawn across the site and contain various types of gear, from Weapon upgrades and outfits to Primary and Secondary weapons. Including brand new weapons that we are introducing with this update.

New Shiny Toys

New weapons are joining the arsenal:

AK-12 7.62 Assault Rifle
TRG 5.56 Marksman Rifle
Classic Pump-Action Shotgun
SVU 7.62 Marksman Rifle
HK SL8 5.56 Semi Automatic Rifle
Aps 9mm Handgun

These new weapons can be found in Supply Crates on St.Claire Site. In addition, all weapon stats have been adjusted in preparation for expanding the weapon system with new elements.

New Production Recipes

Players can now craft Primary and Secondary weapons back at the camp. Crafted weapons rarity chances will increase with the level of Workshop building. Additional recipes will be added in upcoming updates.

Update Notes

Added: New supply crates mechanic
Added: New weapons
Added: New production recipes
Adjusted: Improvised weapons recipes are now easier to make
Adjusted: Weapons stats have been adjusted
Fixed: Weapon name would not display properly on the HUD
Fixed: Weapon model LODs not being processed properly sometimes

Players are strongly encouraged to provide feedback on the new features and report any problems experienced.

Thank you!


Update is now live!

I this update we address several issues that were reported by the community and discovered during internal testing.

Short Term Roadmap

Hello everybody! It’s late Friday night, and I am once again here with you. I would like to talk about some of the upcoming features we will be adding in our following updates scheduled for the next three weeks.

As you all know we are concentrating our efforts on developing multiplayer co-op game mode and I am pleased to inform you that we are now entering final stages of the development. We plan to roll out three weekly updates in a row, that will add the new gameplay elements and setup the game world environment for the upcoming multiplayer game mode.

The first update scheduled for next week will include the Graham Street tunnel mission accessible from St.Claire site. After a long discussion among our team members, we have came to a conclusion that we do not want to limit these missions to Multiplayer game mode only. These missions will be available in both Solo and Co-Op modes. Players will be given a choice how they want to start the mission and the difficulty will be adjusted accordingly on the fly.

We are also expanding the camp production functionality by adjusting and adding new blueprints for players to craft. The new blueprints will allow players to craft primary, secondary and melee weapons of various rarities. The rarity chances of the weapon crafted will depend on the camp upgrades and Workshop building level.

We are also going to introduce a new mechanic where players will no longer simply destroy items but take them apart instead to gain special “Parts” component that will allow for repairing weapons and craft different items in the real time action gameplay mode in the future.

In addition players will have new “Armor” type gear item, which will offer players protection against incoming damage, and also have special bonuses depending on the item rarity. Backpacks will be reinvented and will have different rarity bonuses as well as special slots for tools like Medpacks allowing players to heal quickly during combat and grant different bonuses.

We plan to roll out these new features by the end of first half of June, and I will be posting additional details and information on these features on a weekly basis.

Patch Notes

Fixed: Camp tabs become blank sometimes
Fixed: Bandits do not process targets properly sometimes
Fixed: Players spawn with empty stamina (will now spawn players will full stamina)
Adjusted: Several weapon models adjusted

Please report if you are still experiencing any issues that are mentioned above.

Thank you!