New Look

In this update we are introducing the new visuals that will capture the feel of the apocalyptic world in more detail. Smooth lighting transitions between phases of day night cycle and additional effects will allow us to create more complex and beautiful environments for players to explore.

Patch Notes:

Fixed: Bandit group spawns sometimes are doubled
Fixed: Inventory icons sometimes will not display properly
Adjusted: Cache sites will now spawn continuously on the map
Adjusted: Ammo / Gear cache ammo amount has been increased
Adjusted: Cache visual effects have been adjusted

Added: New visuals

In our next Patch

I am happy to let players know that we will be releasing female characters in our upcoming patch scheduled for next week. Players will have additional character slots available to expand their roster.

Please report if you are experiencing any issues mentioned above.


Empire Plaza

St.Claire site has been once again expanded with a new section that is being introduced in this update. The Empire Plaza located in the center of the St.Claire’s commercial district has been abandoned during the first week of the outbreak.

Several groups of looters have been spotted in the area, it is believed that when military forces withdrew, they left behind most of their equipment. Including the headquarters that were established in the office building.

Patch Notes:

Fixed: Scene processing elements optimized for better performance
Fixed: Inventory items would sometimes freeze
Adjusted: Added new bandit models
Adjusted: Bandit player tracking behavior
Adjusted: Stamina consumption during sprint is decreased

Added: New animation sets
Added: St.Claire Site has been extended with Empire Plaza section
Added: Additional resolutions support


We are aware of several minor discomforts with new animation states and are working on resolving those as soon as possible. Additional resolution support has been added with this update, including 2k resolutions. Players might experience minor graphical issues while playing on 2k resolution, and are strongly encouraged to report any issues and interface glitches, as well as any issues that are mentioned above.

Female Characters Internal Testing

Hello everybody, just wanted to share a little something with you!

We noticed that more players are asking for female characters to be implemented into the game, and I just wanted to let you know that we are working on it.

Here is a screenshot taken a few minutes ago by yours truly, as I was doing some initial tests:

There is still work to be done, but overall we are pleased with the results.

Stay tuned as we will be posting updates on the development progress.

Thank you,
David Shefet.