This update addresses all of the issues that were reported by player to date, that we were able to verify and reproduce. As well as adding some new functionality and modifying the gameplay. The detailed information on the update is in the patch notes.

Patch Notes:


Fixed: Population would not resolve properly after scavenging mission
Fixed: Diplomacy missions would not resolve properly
Fixed: Diplomacy interface would not reflect some of the information
Fixed: Global Scan mission would not resolve properly
Fixed: Camp building bonuses would not load properly
Fixed: “Esc” key with inventory window open would cause multiple issues
Fixed: Item durability would not apply properly on dropped items


Added: 10 second delay for returning from the real time action gameplay
Added: Inventory – Weapons now show current / max ammo in details
Added: Inventory – Weapons now show current / max ammo in inventory
Added: Safe delay has been added for the Zombie Raid event
Added: Zombie Raid event difficulty has been lowered
Added: Experience bar representation on the HUD
Added: System messages representation on the HUD

Please let us know if you are experiencing any of the mentioned issues after this update.

Thank you!


In this patch we address the remaining issues that were reported by the players.

Patch Notes:

Gameplay fixes

Fixed: Destroy button would not work on equipped items
Fixed: Materials are not being added properly to camp storage
Fixed: Character Endurance did not effect Stamina
Fixed: Spawn points adjustments in Woodsfield site

Happy Holidays !

Thank you!


In this patch the video settings for the ultra quality have been revised. If you are experiencing performance issues while playing on Ultra settings, set the video quality to Best. It will revert the changes to the previous quality settings.

The new Ultra settings quality has additional shadow details and other video quality improvements.

Patch Notes:

Performance adjustments

Adjustment: Ultra settings have been revised for better quality.

Gameplay fixes

Fixed: Available Survivors in the camp do not load properly
Fixed: Windows in the camp are not scaled properly on different resolution
Fixed: Inventory was not scaling properly on lower resolutions
Fixed: Items pickup is not processed properly after changing and outfit
Fixed: Rubble location is too bright
Adjusted: Chance of finding survivors in Woodsfield Site

New features:

Added: “Esc” key now closes all open windows in the camp

We would appreciate to hear back from you regarding the new quality settings reconfiguration.

Thank you!

Early Access is Here!

Hello everybody !

We are VERY excited to announce that The Withering is now officially in Early Access release state !

We would also like to thank the Steam Green Light community for supporting our project, and feedback ! It has been a very exciting experience for us here at CM Softworks.

There is still a lot of work to be done, but we think that we made a huge step today. The Early Access release will have elements of Turn Based management gameplay and the Real Time Action gameplay mode as well. Here is the list of some features that are available to players in the Early Access:

* Single Player Mode
* Custom Character Creation
* Camp Management Gameplay mode
* Real Time Action Gameplay mode
* A special outfit has been included for the early access available from character creation screen!

The following features are planned to be implemented in the next major update, that is scheduled to come out in the first half of 2016:

* Multiplayer Mode
* PvP Game mode
* Co-op Game Mode
* Additional game content such as new maps, outfits, weapons
* Management and Real time action game modes features
* New enemy types
* New events

And more..

Please see our Early Access information on the store page for additional game details.


Thank you.